Arben Ahmetaj

Minister of State for Reconstruction

Arben Ahmetaj was born on June 28th 1969 in Gjirokastra. He is married to Mrs. Albina Mancka and they have two daughters, Livia and Kejsi.

Arben Ahmetaj has a PhD in the field of Energy Security, after graduating from the University of Bucharest, Romania in 2009. He had previously graduated in International Finance, International Financial Markets in the Edmund A. Walsh School of Foreign Service, in Georgetown University, Washington, D.C

He has a Master’s degree in International Trade and Diplomacy from Patterson School of International Trade and Diplomacy, University of Kentucky, Lexington. In 1991, he finished his studies in the University of Tirana, Faculty of Foreign Languages for English Language and American and British Literature.

Mr. Ahmetaj has a series of professional qualifications and internships in various fields such as “Developmental Policies”, accorded by the Center for International Development, in Harvard Kennedy School of Harvard University; “Technological Economics”, the Kokkalis Program in Harvard Kennedy School of Harvard University; Farmer’s Funding Programs, Farmers Credit Union of Texas, Texas University, Austin, Texas etc.

He has had a long career in public administration, holding a few important positions, while his political career started during the Students’ Movement in 1990.

In December 13th 2019 Arben Ahmetaj became Minister of State for Reconstruction, after having directed for a year the Parliamentary Commission of Economy and Finance.

Arben Ahmetaj was the Minister of Finance if the Republic of Albania from February 2016 until January 2019, after serving as Minister of Economic Development, Tourism, Trade and Business from September 2013 until February 2016.

During 2004- 2005 he was the Deputy Minister in the Ministry of European Integration, while in 2003-2004 he was the Deputy Minister in the Ministry of Energy and Industry. Mr. Ahmetaj was the General Director of the General Tax Directory in 1998-1999 and before that he had been the Cabinet Director of the Ministry of Finance and he was responsible for International Relations, a member of the coordination group of negotiations with the Monetary Fund to compile the post-conflictual agreement with ESAF.

Arben Ahmetaj is a member of the Socialist Party of Albania. In the June 2017 elections, he was elected as deputy of the district of Tirana, as the representatives of Municipalities of Rrogozhina and Kavaja. In 2013, he was elected as deputy in the district of Gjirokastra, while in 2009 he represented the district of Korça in the Albanian Assembly. He is a member of the Socialist Party of Albania’s executive board.