18 new Covid-19 cases detected in past 24 hours/ Manastirliu: High responsibility needed, surge in cases could lead to return of lockdown

As many as 18 fresh Covid-19 cases were identified in the past 24 hours in Albania. “Seven new cases were detected in a garment factory in Durres, all contacts of individuals who had previously tested positive for the novel coronavirus. Five new cases were identified in Berat, four more cases in Tirana, two in Kruja, all contacts of previously confirmed cases,” said Silva Bino, the head of the infectious diseases department at the Public Health Institute at a daily briefing of the Ministry of Health and Social Protection on the spread of the Covid-19 infection in our country.

Voicing concern over a surge in Covid-19 cases over the past days, the Minister of Health and Social Protection Ogerta Manastirliu appealed to citizens to properly observe the social distancing rules so that no lockdown measures are reinstated.

“Our experts have warned from the very onset that the easing phase only makes sense if it is accompanied by a steady decrease in the number of infections. The plan to relax lockdown measures depends on the cooperation with you only. It is true that imposing penalties is not the solution, just like it is true that whole people cannot be penalized by a minority whose actions could cause incalculable harm,” Health Minister Manastirliu stated.

Confirming that the Ministry of Health and Social Protection supports the reopening and easing of restrictions plan, Manastirliu warned that further increase would force us to take immediate steps to prevent a second shock wave, which would blow up what has been achieved so far.

“The recent increase in the number of new infection cases represents the maximum allowed under our reopening scenarios. A further increase would force us to take immediate steps to prevent a second shock wave, which would blow up what has been achieved so far. If the past days’ deteriorating trend is to continue, we will be forced to take backward steps. And this is in nobody’s interest! Of course, there is no cause for alarm, yet we are at a moment when high responsibility from every citizen is needed. Protection of the citizens’ health comes first. The coming days will be decisive regarding the reopening plan,” Manastirliu said.

Updated Covid-19 situation report:

Tests were conducted on the samples of 219 suspected cases, out of which only 18 new Covid-19 cases were confirmed in the past 24 hours.  Most of the new cases are contacts of individuals who have previously tested positive for the virus, while epidemiological investigation is underway.

Seven new cases were identified in a garment and footwear factory in Durres, five cases in Berat, four in Tirana and two more cases in the town of Kruja.

The most recent surge in the new confirmed cases shows the indispensability for every citizen to remain alert and properly respect the rules aimed at containing the spread of the virus in the country. Citizens should keep showing utmost care and observe the measures in order to prevent the spread of the virus in their own families and a broader community. Businesses themselves must adhere to established safety protocols to protect citizens and employees. 

The situation in the hospitals is stable with 19 hospitalized citizens, 4 of whom are in intensive care. 

So far, tests have been conducted on more than 12,000 samples and more than 900 of them have tested positive since the coronavirus outbreak in early March. The number of active Covid-19 cases is 180, mainly in Tirana, Kruja, Shkodra,  Kamez, Durres and Berat.

That’s why time is high to renew the appeal to every citizen to respect the measures, not to leave their homes if not necessary and not neglect the Covid-19 symptoms and immediately dial the National Emergency Line 127. 

COVID-19 – Statistics (May 15, 2020)

Total number of tests             11988

Molecular tests                        11458

Serological tests                         530

Positive cases                              916

Recovered patients                   705

Active cases                                180

Deaths                                           31 (Tirana 18, Durres 6, Fier 3, Vlora 1, Shkodra 2, Kukes 1)


Currently, the geographical distribution of the active Covid-19 cases in Albania is as follows: 

Tirana        77

Kruja          46

Shkodra    16

Kamez        12

Berat          10

Durres         9

Fier              5

Elbasan      2

Kurbin        1

Mirdita       1

Korça          1