24-hour water supply to residents in historic centre of city of Gjirokaster

Residents in the protected area and the historic centre of southern Albanian city of Gjirokaster, a UNESCO World Heritage site, will receive 24-hours water supply by the start of next tourist season. With the completion of the first phase of investment in rehabilitation of the sewerage and wastewater system in the southern Municipality, the second stage of the project is already underway to provide 24-hour water supply to the residents in the city’s historic centre.

Prime Minister Edi Rama and the Minister of Infrastructure and Energy Belinda Balluku inspected the ongoing works to construct new water supply system in Gjirokaster, an investment worth 7.5 million euro.

“It is the final part of the project designed to provide uninterrupted water supply 24 hours a day to residents in the city’s historic area. Once the projects completes by August 2021 according to the contract, although we are seeking to complete it ahead of the next tourist season, the city of Gjirokaster will be supplied with potable water 24 hours a day and, most importantly, with a completely different quality,” the Minister of Infrastructure and Energy  Belinda Balluku said.

On the other hand, Infrastructure and Energy Minister said that because of the decayed inherited water supply network, which also leads to cases of abuse and huge network losses, another important investment is considered the installation of some 5000 new water meters, which will significantly influence the increase of performance of the local Water Supply Entity.

The investment designed to improve water supply infrastructure and sewerage system in the protected area and the historic center of Gjirokastra also envisages a modern sewerage system for over 8000 residents.