EU – Western Balkans on the international media day

Albania has been designated to host Thursday in Tirana the EU- Western Balkans Media Days Conference.

PM Rama in his address cited the EU Commissioner Hahn saying: “Freedom of expression is a fundamental value of EU and as such a corner stone of enlargement process.”

Today, Rama said: “It is a fact that Freedom House, Reporters without Borders, EC in their reports on the media come to conclusion that the media outlets in our region are partially free.”

PM went on saying: “As a matter of fact, the role of Albanian Radio Television (RTSH) and AMA has been a target of criticism for their lack of professionalism, and to that end a process of reformation is underway. ”
But, it is clear to all that good laws are on the one hand, the issue of law enforcement remains an open challenge for entire region and Albania as well.

“There is no need for new laws only, instead a comprehensive social effort is needed in relation to awareness about the values and principles of the European family we aspire to join as full right member. Freedom of expression is a fundamental right and the most powerful weapon in our hands to fight injustices, including corruption and negative phenomena, down the path to EU integration. Yet, as a weapon to protect the values and principles of freedom and democracy of the European family, this should in no way be used to kill off freedom, values and principles on the basis of which the entire mechanism functions,” Rama said.

PM Rama added: It is undeniable that at present we are facing a major problem that is part of an entire process of transformation that is not the result of laws solely, but the internal transformation as a whole, which in our case is the unbridled language of hatred and loosening the rules on license issuance in this field as much vital as fragile, as a hunting licence for reasons that are better left unsaid, but are the main push to obtain it.