Another success story in dairy farming in village of Dukaj, Tepelene Municipality

Bledar Hysa in the village of Durres, Tepelene municipality, represents another example of success story, showing how the old private family home can be transformed into a successful enterprise through hard work and dedication. Bledar, thanks to the support from the Agricultural and Rural Development Agency, has invested in starting a dairy farm, equipped with refrigeration rooms and advanced technology meeting best EU standards on production and storage of milk and milk products.

Prime Minister Edi Rama, accompanied by the Director of the Agricultural and Rural Development Agency, Frida Krifca, Mayor of Tepelene, Tërmet Peçi, visited the dairy farm today. This dairy farm was an important and indispensable investment for the area, renowned for its high quality milk and milk products. “It is a family business. The dairy produces around 1500 kilos of cheese every day and they deliver product to local shops or markets and shops in Tirana. They need additional equipment for milk processing and that’s why they have applied for support under the ongoing second call of IPARD Program,” Krifca said.

Once the planned investment completes, through the ARDS support and the application as part of the second call of IPARD Program, along plans to expand his enterprise, Bledar is mulling plans to invest in starting an agriourism business.

“This is a fantastic place. Well done! You and many other individuals are increasingly becoming a role model showing that despite geographic location and the rough terrain, obviously in a remote isolated area where no mass agriculture is possible, it is you who bring the market here, build an attraction point right there at the inherited family home, which can be transformed into a tourist destination and you live here at your hometown and earn a lot more that you would supposedly gain working abroad. This is the seemingly simple, yet real formula for those who really want to succeed. That’s why the government will provide support you and everyone else like you, so that such a network further expands,” PM Rama said.

Tepelene  – the Premier went on to say – is more and more becoming a popular tourist destination and an important hub between Vlora and Gjirokaster.