Vlora bypass road, another strategic infrastructure project improving traffic flow to southern Albania 

Vlora bypass road, one of the most important national infrastructure projects designed to improve the road traffic flow along the Ionian coast during summer tourist season, opened to traffic today. The newly-built scenic route will significantly improve road traffic flow in the coastal city of Vlora and offer comfortable driving and travelling experience to travellers and tourists heading to the Ionian Riviera.

Prime Minister Edi Rama, accompanied by the Minister of Infrastructure and Energy Belinda Balluku, today visited the new road, which is nearing completion and was temporarily opened to traffic to ease access for an increasing number of holidaymakers to the southern coast. “The road has been opened temporarily as the construction work continues. However, all the necessary safety measures are already in place. The bypass road is accessible to traffic in both directions, while additional measures have been taken in collaboration with the State Police to ensure road safety along certain accident-prone road sections, because of the ongoing construction works in certain parts of the project, like the entry to the area of Kanine. Meanwhile, work is underway to build the third bridge and installation of traffic lights and other road signs to help traffic management in both directions. We have asked the Traffic Police to heighten presence along the identified accident-prone sections so that these parts are fully under control,” Balluku said.

The bypass road will be monitored by speed camera detectors throughout its entire length.

Construction of this project has been quite difficult due to the lack of geological study. “Lack of a geological study at the start of this project, as it has been the case with many other previous projects, has caused serious problems as we have often faced surprises, like it was the case with the fourth bridge, whose completion has been really challenging. The same goes for the construction of the third bridge. Of course, a technical solution has been found, but it certainly took a lot of efforts both by the constructing company and the Albanian Road Authority. Most importantly, utmost attention has been paid to road safety. This is not only to complete the new road on schedule, but also be totally sure that the project meets the safety standards,” the Infrastructure Minister said.

The travel time along the 30-km long road is estimated at around 20 minutes by respecting the speed limit, while scenic balconies are part of the project. The new road is another gem on the crown of the national infrastructure, while work is full steam ahead on many other equally important infrastructure projects across the country.

“Construction of the road between Orikum and Dukat is underway and the required procedures for the development permit and the construction permits have been carried out. The preparatory phase is underway and project is progressing well. The process on construction of Llogara tunnel is set to complete by July 28 and we hope the process will be successful so that the construction works begin immediately, as part of the efforts to complete the infrastructural chain in the country’s south. Other construction sites, including the Palase-Dhermi road are in the process too,” Infrastructure Minister said.

Prime Minister Edi Rama commended the builder for the work carried out to construct this road segment, saying this is “long-awaited news over the years.”

“We are here today to tell everyone heading to country’s south is now provided a completely different opportunity to bypass Vlora and head straight to the Ionian coast by driving along this scenic and little-known landscape that has yet to be explored and experienced first-hand, a scenic and inviting route for every holidaymaker and visitor. Time has been exploited in exemplary way, because the project was really problematic with us having to solve a series of issues, expropriations etc. We are now here and the project will fully complete by this fall,” the government head said.

The new road links Levan-Vlora highway with the existing national coastal road between Vlora and Saranda, and it provides local farmers quick access to the local markets and will have an impact on the development of agriculture and agritourism in the area. 

The 30-km new road is expected to have a significant impact on development of tourism and it will help to significantly improve the road traffic flow in the coastal city of Vlora and along the southern coast of Albania.