“Martyr of Fatherland” Arjan Sala, inspiration for everyone 

Arjan Sala, the young man who lost his life while saving many people from a burning warehouse few days ago, has been declared “Martyr of the Fatherland” today.

Prime Minister Edi Rama visited Sala family to express his personal condolence to the bereaved family members and honour Arian’s heroic act.

“I am extremely sorry! Words are superfluous. You should be really proud, as he has saved many people, unfortunately by giving his own life, but he has committed truly a great and rare heroism. Of course, the human life is of priceless value and it can’t be brought back, but, nevertheless, we thought it is our duty to honour and praise his act and we decided to declare him a Martyr of the Fatherland. We will support his small family and his child as much as we can. He was a special person,” PM Rama said as he extended his condolences to the family members and handed over the Martyr of the Fatherland title.