Work begins to reconstruct 458 quake-damaged apartment buildings in Durres

Work to reconstruct communal premises in the apartment buildings that have been categorized into DS1-DS2-DS3 damage scale in Durres is well underway. The rehabilitation includes the facades, stairs and the elevator shaft walls in these buildings.

Prime Minister Edi Rama inspected again the reconstruction process in Durres, where seven out of a total of nine project sections are set to complete in the next 80 days as part of a process designed to repair walls of communal areas in a total of 458 apartment buildings that sustained minor damages due to the devastating earthquake last November.

Durres Mayor Emiriana Sako noted that a compensation grant has been fully distributed to the quake-affected families, while reconstruction of the communal areas remains the most important project for now. The government head and other central and local government officials accompanying him visited an apartment building with a maximum damage level equal to DS3. “We have launched implementation of the contract to rebuild and repair communal areas, stairs, elevator shaft walls and the facades. Almost 100% of the residents living in this apartment building have been already received the grant compensation provided by the government to recover the rebuilding costs. Once this reconstruction project completes, the apartment building will become operational. The contract is divided into nine sections in total. There are 458 apartment buildings we plan to repair. We will start with the buildings with damage level equal to DS3, which have sustained more severe damages, and will then continue with reconstruction of the apartment buildings with minor damage level equal to DS2 and DS1. Entire required documentation has been already completed,” Mayor Sako said.

Prime Minister Rama stated that reconstruction work will not cease for a single moment until everything is rebuilt in accordance with highest standards. “This is crucially important to all quake-affected residents in Durres and to whom we have already provided what they are entitled to benefit individually in grants to cover repair cost for the damages their apartment houses sustained due to the earthquake. Contracts have been awarded and work is underway to reconstruct 458 apartment buildings and where work won’t cease until everything is repaired and apartment buildings become stronger and better. It will take a bit of more patience and I am confident that everything will be repaired by early spring,” the Premier said.

PM Rama also inspected the ongoing works to construct “Shaqe Mazreku” school, where construction process is heading towards completion. This school building, along with 10 other educational facilities in Durres, is being reborn to open doors to its 711 pupils on Nov 26 in a brand new and transformed facility designed to meet contemporary standards for habitability and environmental comfort and provide spaces for contemporary education.