More quake-affected families move into newly-built homes in Durres 

Work to rebuild the quake-damaged homes continues apace as a growing number of the affected families are constantly moving into their newly-built houses. Three more families in the former Durres marsh received keys to their new houses. Prime Minister Edi Rama praised builders for the quality work to construct the new homes, pointing to the difference between the new housing units and the old buildings damaged by the powerful earthquake as he attended a brief ceremony when three families were presented the keys to their new dwellings.

The first family to receive the house keys is from Tropoja and they had moved to settle in the former Durres marsh area 15 years ago, when their old house in the district of their origin had burned down due to a fire in 1997. The family head expressed gratitude to the Prime Minister for delivering on his promise to rebuilt new homes for the families that became homeless in the devastating earthquake in November 26, 2019. As he walked out, PM Rama said that many other quake-affected families will experience the change soon as they will move into better, safer and more resilient homes. 

Another family from Tropoja received the keys to the reconstructed homes. Having settled in this area 24 years ago, members of this family had built a house and their lives here, and they will start anew in a much better and larger house.

In his last stop, the government head Rama was welcomed by a family from Burrel that received the keys to their new house. The Premier said that the reconstruction process will continue intensely until all quake-affected families move into new houses.