The Trauma Hospital is ready to be accredited according to European standards



After decades without any investments, the Trauma University Hospital finally provides a modern and quality service thanks to a thorough reformation of the health service with modern equipment and infrastructure. The radical intervention at the Trauma Hospital started in 2015 and today the hospital has 11 fully rehabilitated operating rooms and new medical equipment. During his visit to the Trauma Hospital, Prime Minister Edi Rama, accompanied by the Minister of Health Ogerta Manastirliu, considered the investment as a new page for the Trauma Hospital. The investment also took the consent of the team of doctors and nurses working there. “It’s a really big investment. I’ve been working for 30 years in Reanimation and Anaesthesia. Thanks to the latest-technology equipment, we are safer now and work better. Of course, the patients also are more guaranteed. Although I’ve made way for the youngest now, I thank you because they will work more peacefully and better”, one of the oldest doctors of the hospital said. While another one said that “An incredible technical revolution has occurred. We can compare our hospital to the ones we’ve seen in Italy and Germany”. There was no waiting room in this hospital before this intervention and this would cause confusion in the patients and their families. Also, the Reanimation and the Emergency of the Polytrauma had old medical equipment dating back to 1970, and their inappropriate conditions increased the risk of hospital infections. Drugs were stored in inappropriate conditions, physiotherapy and rehabilitation were almost out of function, with only two outdated devices, while the laboratory facilities did not provide the standard operation. “No investment was made in the Trauma Hospital since its construction. There are two radical investments that have been made in order to change all services ranging from Emergency to Reanimation, Reception Services. In addition, the hospital has now the required biomedical and hospital equipment”, Minister Manastirliu said.

Today, Reanimation has been reconstructed and equipped with new instruments. The hospital has a contemporary physiotherapy service, labs and imaging equipment powered by the latest technology.While showing the fitness centre of the physiotherapy ward, a unique service in our public system with all the equipment for rehabilitation, the hospital director, Gjovalin Bushi, emphasized that this investment has strengthened its capacities. “We calculate approximately 16 patients hospitalized here, plus those who have overcome the acute period but will come here to do exercise.”

Prime Minister Rama said that this investment has turned the Trauma Hospital into one of the best hospitals in the country, and expressed the ambition to bring the same quality of service and infrastructure in each regional hospital. “It was a battlefield hospital four years ago because no investment was made. Today, this is completely different, and the fact that it is ready to be certified and accredited with the EU certificates, ranging from the medical equipment, the sterilization process and all new areas of reception, treatment, rehabilitation, it really is a dream come true. Of course there is still much to be done, but the ambition is to bring the same quality to all the regional hospitals of Albania. What is fundamental is that investments have been made and are being made with much attention, not to spend on unnecessary things, but to start with the most needed things and then escalate to the completion of the entire cycle”, the Prime Minister noted.