New road and underground infrastructure taking shape in Fushe Kruje

The work to construct road and underground infrastructure of the new residential neighbourhood in Fushe Kruje is almost mid-way through the construction project. Hundreds of local families that became homeless due to the tragic night of Nov 26 will be housed in the new residential neighbourhood that will be built on a 10-ha site and where, in addition to individual houses and apartment buildings, a nursery school, a kindergarten, a school, a health care centre, public service offices, green areas and a modern local market for the locally grown produce will be built under an ongoing recovery and reconstruction program.

Prime Minister Edi Rama, accompanied by the Minister of State and Reconstruction Arben Ahmetaj, today inspected the construction site in Fushe Kruje to closely inspect the progress of construction work, where almost 45% of work to build the road infrastructure has already completed.

The Minister of State for Reconstruction Arben Ahmetaj said that the area in question will be one of the most beautiful ones in terms of its new infrastructure and architecture. “It will be one of the most beautiful areas, not only in terms of infrastructure, but also in terms of new architecture, a combination between the individual homes and four-storey apartment buildings and an area with quick access to the main national road,” Ahmetaj said.

On his part, the Head of the Albanian Development Fund Dritan Agolli explained that around 45 percent of work under the contract has completed. “The medium voltage underground line has been laid and a ring segment has completed. The sewerage and wastewater pipes have been laid. The water supply pipes have been also laid,” Agolli said.

Prime Minister described the residential neighbourhood as a new centre that, among others, will also feature a model local market. “This is the new centre now. We will develop a model design for the market and all vendors here will be accommodated up to best standards,” PM Rama said.

Speaking about progress of work, the government head noted that work has progressed quicker than in other areas. “It is important to highlight the fact that progress of work here has been quicker, because the lack of no problems with the private property issues, which has delayed the process in Laç, Thumane and Bubq in particular, while we have been able to move forward faster here,” he said.