Bosch Group begins its journey in Albania

Following is the full text of Prime Minister Rama speech at a meeting with School of Technical Education and Management of Bosch Group:

I was pleased to receive this invitation because this Group is very special and represents not only important values of entrepreneurship, but also important, ethic and social values. We had the chance to meet also during our visit in Italy and get to know each other closely, enabling realization of this visit within a very short period of time to turn it into the first expression of a real opportunity that we had constantly ascertained to strengthen connections with the world of Italian entrepreneurship, and through these connections to boost presence of Italian investments in Albania.

Bosch Group is more than this, as I said. Therefore, the added value of their presence is not only related to what the Group represents financially, but also to what the Group represent in the ethic and social aspect, as well as the its extraordinary strength to directly influence on the future of labour market through professional trainings.

The presence of a world champion here, together with others, is absolutely the cherry on the cake. Here in the hall I see a several times national volleyball champion. At that time, during his culminating period, he might have also been part of the Italy’s world champions – Adrian Doci, whom I greet, – but indeed I am talking about Pasquale Gravina, one of the heroes of a famous team with an extraordinary history that turned Italy from an unknown country in volleyball into a world champion.

While getting prepared to come here I noticed a fact showing that in ’30-ies in Albania were counted more vocational schools than today, headed by Italian experts and many Italian teachers. There existed an entire network of schools developed in the framework of a cooperation between two countries, which in essence was based on one side on initiative of Italian entrepreneurs present in our country and on the other side on cooperation between Albanians studying or living in Italy and interested entrepreneurs, who have started their journey in the small world of Albanian entrepreneurship exactly by opening an vocational school. This story dates back to ’30-ies. Moreover, at the end of ‘20-ies and beginning of ‘30-ies, a well-known Italian sportsman, a cycler, Pasquale Lissoni, has been an instructor of physical education in Korca prefecture for years, where has contributed in building the whole physical education system and organizing of numerous local activities of the time. It is a known fact that at first the National Football and Athletics Championships in Albania were organized with the assistance of the Italian experts. At that time, they did not reach volleyball.

Here we are today to open an important chapter of cooperation with Bosch Group and to benefit from qualitative excellent experience that this Group can offer, because we are assured of their commitment to open a base of vocational education, at first reduced but very qualitative, to further expand this activity in the future. We are very hopeful and believe in diversification of this activity, certainly based also on the success of cooperation between us.

Bosch Group enjoys a successful experience that transmits it also to others and this is an added value of this Group, which exactly consists of the ethic and social aspect of this entire major entrepreneurship. This is a successful experience and continuing innovation, it is a successful experience in administration of human resources and increase of continuing quality of human resources and I think the Bosch Group is one of the most powerful banks of human capital, at least in the closest geographical area and acquaintance that we have in our continent.

Once again I want to extend thanks to all our friends and thank the Ambassador, not only formally, because he has played and plays each day a precious role in pushing ahead our joint project, an active approach for encouragement of Italian investments in Albania and increase of Italians knowledge, especially Italian entrepreneurship about Albania, Albanian market, Albania’s potentials and opportunities offered today by our reality for anyone who wishes to come and do business in Albania, together with Albanian, naturally.

I want to round it up with a quote, which I think it is appropriate for vocational education and creation of a business, as well as about path toward a challenge in general. A saying that says: “Even though each of us has for sure a station, the journey is at the end the most important thing that remains”.

Thank you once again and with great pleasure I give the floor again to our host here in Tirana Roberto Vecchiono, who was so kind to come and organize this meeting here in Tirana, because they are such perfectionists that do not accept anything have it done from others, and do not even accept the help of others.


Prime Minister Rama was invited today in the evening at a meeting with Italian entrepreneurs, organized by well-known Bosch Group. The Prime Minster welcomed the establishment of this Group in Albania considering it only the beginning of a successful journey of Bosch in our country, a group, which – according to the Prime Minister – represents not only important values of entrepreneurship, but also important, ethic and social values.