Meat processing industry in line with EU highest standards

Tepelena, an area known for livestock farming, is seeing important investments also in meat processing industry. A new meat-processing plant being built in compliance with EU standards, part of IPARD programme contracted by ARDA (Agricultural and Rural development Agency), will put an end to conventional slaughtering methods, regulate a very important link in the food chain and enhance food safety and consumer protection system.

PM Edi Rama, accompanied by Director of Agricultural and Rural Development Agency (ARDA) and the mayor of Tepelena, Tërmet Peçi, inspected the ongoing work to construct a modern butchery and meat processing plant. The investment will meet needs of local market for high-quality meat products. “It is a modern abattoir funded under the IPARD programe. We contracted it last October. We are together monitoring the project implementation and development. The new meat processing plant will tackle food safety issues in an area renowned for livestock farming,“ ARDA Director Krifca said.

The butchery has a slaughtering capacity of 30 cattle and 700 ruminants. “Given that this investment is being implemented in a dairy area, the new meat processing plant will meet the needs of the entire southern region,” Mayor of Tepelene said.

The financial support of farmers through the rural development program IPARD II aims at increasing production, providing competitive advantages, creating the foundations of a modern and competitive agriculture sector. “Once this opportunity is in place, the production chain is much safer and the processing and every other activity start,” PM Rama said.