At construction sites of educational facilities set to be reborn in Nov 26 earthquake ruins in Kavaje

The vocational school building in the town of Kavaje, which sustained serious damages due to the devastating earthquake that hit Albania in Nov 26 last year, will be reconstructed from scratch to meet high standard requirements for educational institutions and provide spaces for contemporary educational needs. Construction of the new “March 26” school building is set to complete by end of November this year.

Prime Minister Edi Rama, accompanied by the Minister of State for Reconstruction Arben Ahmetaj, visited the site where a brand new and transformed school building is being constructed to meet contemporary standards for habitability and environmental comfort and provide spaces for contemporary education of 627 students.

Mayor of Kavaje Redjan Krali said that the new school building, an investment through the state budget, is designed to deliver on all functions, educational premises, school labs and service spaces.

“There are a total of nine schools in the town of Kavaje. Two schools are being built from scratch, including the dormitory in Golem that is being completely reconstructed, whereas other educational facilities are being rehabilitated,” Krali.

Fiqiri Kurti school will be constructed from scratch under the financing package provided by the European Union.

“The tender process for construction of this school is being carried out by UNDP and funding is allocated by the European Commission, part of the 65-million euro package provided by the EU,” Ahmetaj said.

Kavaje Mayor said that work is progressing pretty quickly for reconstruction of the houses and buildings damaged by the Nov 26 earthquake, whereas the families affected by the September 21 earthquake are about to move into their newly-built homes soon.

“A total of 143 private homes need to be constructed. Construction of 17 initial homes for the families affected by the September earthquake has completed. They will all move into their new houses next week. In the meantime, we continue distribution of the compensation grants to the quake-affected households to repair and rebuild their homes,” Krali said, adding that seven apartment buildings in Kavaje and two more buildings in Golem are part of the post-earthquake Reconstruction Program.