Lungomare – project of new century Vlora

Speech of Prime Minister Rama at the final stage of International Competition for selection of winning project of “Vlora waterfront promenade” (Lungomare):

Hello everyone,

Allow me to welcome in the name of all Vlora citizen, present here, the architects selected for this final stage that is being held here today, and at the same time to welcome all the members of the jury, who have accepted our invitation to become part of this joint effort that marks also the new major step toward new century Vlora.

Welcome everyone and I am convinced that this would be a day full of positive impressions for all of you and that you would wish to come back to Vlora again, together with other friends, because Vlora is a beautiful place and all of us together will offer our support for its worldwide recognition, as one of the most beautiful gates of the Mediterranean.

This is a competition that helps us turn into reality the idea of a radical transformation of the Vlora city coastline, which at the same time will be an example of transformation to be followed also in other segments of the Albanian coastline, as well as an example of transformation for the Albanian politics in general regarding economic, tourist and absolutely social integrated development of our country.

We are aware of the extraordinary potential of the city, we are aware of the extraordinary tourist potential to be explored and developed in the future with a new vision, new forces and joined capacities of people from Albania, Europe and world.

It is very important that this project is also at the same time an expression of the awareness that through dialogue of visions, dialogue of ideas, dialogue of different approaches we could make best choice and through these best choices we could to the best for our common homeland and naturally for our beloved city of Vlora.

Without taking more of your time and extremely interested and curious, as all of you, to watch this important final stage that opens a new chapter for Vlora city, I wish success to all the participants.  Naturally, only one will win but I am convinced that all the others would give an extraordinary contribution with their ideas. Certainly, every precious idea will be an integrated part of this major project for our city, a project that paves way for Renaissance of Vlora.

Thank you.