Manze, work continues to construct homes for 280 families

Manze is another village in Durrës, one of the worst-hit areas where the devastating earthquake last November flattened hundreds of individual houses that have now turned into construction sites, where their reconstruction from scratch has begun or is expected to begin day by day. Prime Minister Edi Rama went on with his visit to the village of Manze, accompanied by the Durres Mayor Emiriana Sako, who noted that a total of 904 will be reconstructed in the Municipality of Durres alone.

“At this phase of the reconstruction process, work is well-underway to build around 280 new houses. Some 300 new houses will be built in the administrative unit of Ishem, where construction work has already kicked off,” Sako said.

The families that became homeless because of the earthquake have been eligible to the rent bonus programme and they will benefit the bonus until the day they move into their new houses.

PM Rama visited several families, whose new homes are being rebuilt and called for their understanding and a little more patience until they move into their new much bigger and safer houses than the ones destroyed by the powerful earthquake on November 26 last year.