At construction sites of quake-ruined schools

The educational facilities that were reduced to rubble due to the devastating earthquake of last Nov 26 have now been transformed into sites where the reconstruction work is progressing at a rapid pace so that new school buildings open their doors to students on Nov 26 this year.

Prime Minister Edi Rama, together with the Minister of State for Reconstruction Arben Ahmetaj, today inspected work to construct the new high school “Llesh Nik Daka” school in the city of Lezhe, which is expected to open its doors to a total of 535 students on Nov 26.

“The investment is worth $2.5million and the new school has a 3900 square meters surface area. In 30 days only, work is now underway to build the second floors of the educational facilities currently being constructed,” Ahmetaj said.

Prime Minister Edi Rama urged the construction firm to speed up building process so that the schedule about reopening of new schools is met.

“Children will enter this school on Nov 26. The school will definitely open its doors on Nov 26. You can work in 4 shifts if you want to, but construction should complete. The end of December means New Year’s Eve. The quarantine hampered us a lot, but we should definitely meet the Nov 26 deadline,” the Premier said.

Unlike previously, the new high school “Llesh Nik Daka” will feature venues for all functions of an educational centre and a community centre, including laboratories, sports grounds, service premises, modern and safe infrastructure and optimum conditions.

Construction of a total of 143 new schools in the quake-affected areas has been included in the Reconstruction Program.