In Kuç, Vlora, to inspect projects designed to transform village 

Prime Minister Edi Rama today stopped over in Kuç, southern Vlora district, where completion of new road will make the Laberi area, home to stunning landscape, easily accessible soon.

A meeting with local residents focused on investments in this village and the fact that nobody is selling their private family homes they inherit from their ancestors. “There are certain families that have left the area 200 years ago and they are seeking to return back to their old homes in this village,” one of the local residents said.

“This area will soon become a Toscana-like destination. Many visitors will come to the area to experience and taste the fire, local cuisine, meat, the traditional alcoholic drink rakia and traditional songs, the amazing landscape and fresh air. We will rehabilitate the village’s main square and the buildings’ facades,” PM Rama said at meeting with local residents.