Second phase underway to transform area along Osum River 

Second phase of the project designed to transform the area along the Osum river is underway in the Municipality of Ura Vajgurore, which is set to change its communist-era name to its original name Dimali soon.

Prime Minister Edi Rama, accompanied by Ura Vajgurore Mayor Juliana Memaj, and the Minister of Tourism and Environment Blendi Klosi, today visited the area, where the second phase of the groundbreaking project has kicked off after the completion of river bank protection works with the first phase ensuring protection in this flood-prone area. “The work volume carried out as part of the project’s first phase in 2016, we built this dam, which for the first time will prevent the detrimental effects of flood and Osum River water inflows to the town after so many years of grappling with inundation. With the construction work as part of the project’s second phase, entire area will be transformed to become a popular attraction as it will feature recreational spaces, as well as sports fields, playgrounds for children. In the meantime, work is also underway to build the pedestrian bridge that will connect the “Guri i Bardhë” neighborhood with the edge of the town, extending it to the pedestrian crossing. Also thanks to interventions in drainage ditches, today the area is not inundated by rainfall. This is good news for the local residents who will no longer see their crops damaged,” Mayor Memaj said.

With the of river bank protection works complete under the first phase of the project, which ensured protection of the flood-prone area, the second stage will create the missing recreational spaces for all age groups and it will also see construction of a big market to promote and sell locally-grown organic produce. “No public space and the private farms in particular, were flooded in the recent torrential rains that swept the country. This was a major test to the local government work in opening and cleaning ditches to protect the residential area and the land from overflowing. In the meantime, the river protection will help creating a huge space, where local government will seek to develop plans on a large agro-tourist facility, because it is very important for the domestic and international visitors to be offered the opportunity for a first stop before travelling to the museum city of Berat,” Tourism Minister Blendi Klosi said.

The government head welcomed the idea about building a agro-tourism centre in the area, saying it would provide a completely new dimension to the area.”