A star among stars on State Police’s Wall of Remembrance 

The Martyr of the Nation Saimir Hoxha, who was killed in the line of duty most recently, was honoured with star on the State Police’s Wall of Remembrance during a special ceremony in front of the Ministry of Interior. The stars on the Remembrance Wall commemorate the State police officers fallen in the line of duty and who have been declared martyrs of the nation.

In his remarks at the event, Prime Minister Edi Rama paid tribute to the police officers, who have been killed in the line of duty over the years.

Dear family members of Saimir!

Honourable friends and his colleagues!

This is an immensely grave moment for you in particular and not an easy moment at all for our entire community, because the death of a police officer in the line of duty is really a tragic loss that goes way beyond the family and relatives and it moves the spirit of a whole society and a country.

Today we are here to observe the star placement ceremony on the State Police’s Wall of Remembrance in honour of Saimir, joining now the stars symbolizing all martyrs of our public order and security forces fallen in the line of duty over all these years.

A long time gas passed since the last star was placed on this wall and in a way this is actually a sort of relief that among all stars on that wall, the number of tragic event can be counted on the fingers of one hand, but on the other side statistics are not important at all, because a single loss of life is worth as much as all the lives when it is lost.

This torrential rain speaks louder than all our words and our feeling at this very moment that we have gathered here. However, I feel a kind of relief at thinking that the children of the martyr won’t be alone and that we will take care of them just like we started taking care of his family since yesterday, until they reach the maturity age and will be capable of starting their life independently.

Of course, providing 170% of their father’s monthly salary means nothing to them compared to their loss.

Of course, the amount of 50 million lek we allocated to the family immediately means nothing vis-à-vis their loss, but nevertheless it is somehow comforting to think that the children will be lent a hand, not only by the mother and grandparents, but also by the state and you will be missing absolutely nothing, just as if your father were alive, of course except his absence, which none of us can replace.

Eternal honor and glory to all the Martyrs of the Homeland, whom Saimir’s star joins them today!