Updated report on COVID-19 disease

Press statement by Dr. Marjeta Dervishi, Public Health Institute:

As part of the daily briefing on the spread of the Covid-19 infection in our country today, when the number of number of patients who have recovered from the coronavirus is twice as much as the number of active cases.

Tests were conducted on the samples of 225 suspected cases, out of which 7 new Covid-19 cases were confirmed in the past 24 hours, three in Kruja, two in Tirana and two more new cases in the city of Shkodra.

So far, tests have been conducted on 8253 people and 773 of them have tested positive for the Covid-19.

Fifteen more patients have recovered in the past 24 hours, bringing the total number of people who have recovered after having contracted the novel coronavirus in Albania to 470.

Currently 272 Covid-19 infected people are active cases in Albania and data show that the number of patients recovering from the disease keeps growing in the past two weeks.

A total of 31 people have died despite efforts of the medical staff.

Out of a total 31 patients currently being treated at the Infectious Diseases Hospital, six are under intensive care.

Out of five patients being treated at the COVID 2 Hospital, one is at intensive care unit and in severe health conditions.

A total of 36 patients are currently being treated at both hospitals.

The number of new Covid-19 infections has further increased in Tirana, Kruja and Shkodra.

Currently, the geographical distribution of the infected patients across Albania is as follows:


Municipality                  Confirmed cases           Recovered people

Tirana                                    320                                      207

Shkodra                                  110                                     74

Kruja                                       105                                      11

Durres                                     42                                       38

Fier                                            37                                      32

Kurbin                                      31                                      3

Korça                                        19                                     19

Elbasan                                                    18                                     15

Kukes                                       18                                      10

Lezha                                        14                                      14

Has                                             14                                     12

Kavaja                                        9                                        9

Lushnja                                                      7                                        4

Vlora                                           5                                        4

Puka                                             5                                        4

Mirdita                                         5                                       3

Rrogozhina                                   4                                     4

Tropoja                                                        4                                       4

Berat                                             4                                       2

Mallakastra                                   1                     1

Mat                                                1


Despite the fluctuations in the number of people contracting the virus, the situation is equally under control.

The real indicator is the number of patients hospitalized and the low number of infected people needing assisted breathing.

In order for the situation to remain in control and with the gradual ease of certain restrictive measures, the Ministry of Health and Social Protection citizens strictly abide by the instructions from the health authorities, social and physical distancing rules and personal hygiene.

It is equally important that measures to curb the spread of the infection are fully respected within the family circle by avoiding visits to the relatives for whatever the reason.

The Ministry of Health appeals citizens to dial the National Emergency Line 127 if they suspect about Covid-19 symptoms. For any question or information about Covid-19, dial green line 0800 40 40.