Updated COVID-19 situation report

Press statement by Rovena Daja, Public Health Institute:


As a daily briefing, we provide you with the latest update on the COVID-19 outbreak in our country.

Tests were conducted on the samples of 245 suspected cases from north to the south of country, out of which 9 new Covid-19 cases were confirmed in only two municipalities the past 24 hours, respectively five fresh cases identified in Tirana and four other cases in Kruja.

A total of 782 people have tested positive for the novel coronavirus since its outbreak in early March, and 488 of them have already recovered.

The data indicates that the epidemiological situation remains stable. The geographical map of the people who have recovered after having contracted the novel coronavirus has expanded, increasing the number of the so-called green zones classified as low-risk areas for the transmission of the infection.

Currently 263 Covid-19 infected people are active cases in Albania and most of them are asymptomatic and are being monitored by the family doctors. A total of 33 patients are currently being treated at the Infectious Disease Hospital and University Hospital “Shefqet Ndroqi” and only seven of them are in intensive therapy.

This is an indicator showing that the restrictive measures have worked and have avoided the collapse of the country’s healthcare system allowing it to successfully treat serious cases at the two Covid-19 dedicated hospitals.

A total of 31 people have died despite efforts of the medical staff.

Currently, the geographical distribution of the infected patients across Albania is as follows:

Municipality              Active cases

Tirana                                100

Shkodra                  24

Kruja                                93

Durres                                 0

Fier                                1

Kurbin                                27

Korça                                1

Elbasan                                2

Kukes                              8

Lezha                              1

Has                              0

Kavaja                              0

Lushnja                              1

Vlora                              0

Puka                              0

Mirdita                              2

Rrogozhina                0

Tropoja                              0

Berat                              2

Mallakastra                 0

Mat                                1

Although a series of restrictive measures will further ease starting next Monday, the Ministry of Health and Social Protection urges citizens to strictly abide by the instructions from the health authorities, social and physical distancing rules and personal hygiene.

It is vitally important that everyone respect such measures and remain alert until a vaccine is available.

The elderly people and chronically ill persons should contact the family member only about the reimbursed prescriptions, avoiding contact with health institutions as much as possible, except when necessary.

The Ministry of Health appeals citizens to dial the National Emergency Line 127 if they suspect about Covid-19 symptoms. For any question or information about Covid-19, dial green line 0800 40 40.