Reconstruction – Ceaseless construction work continues in Kavaje 

Ceaseless construction work continues in the quake-affected areas in the municipality of Kavaje with builders racing against time to complete work and make sure that many families celebrate the New Year’s Eve in their newly-built homes.

Prime Minister Edi Rama today visited the area, where many dwellings are being constructed, while residents supervise the rebuilding process and express satisfaction at the new infrastructure.

“A total of 50 new dwellings will be built in this open ground, while 60 more houses will be built in the hilly terrain of the communes and the administrative units, which will be reconsidered as direct compensation and payment to the quake-affected families,” the Minister of State for the Reconstruction Arben Ahmetaj said, affirming that “construction of the new houses will complete ahead of December 31.”

“The entire lot will complete by employing also a combination for the families in geographical and infrastructural difficulties providing cash compensation worth of two and three-bedroom houses,” he added.

“A combined total of 1000 single-family dwellings will be built by the Albanian Development and the Municipality of Tirana and their construction is set to complete ahead of the New Year’s Eve. The rest will complete gradually by May,” Amhetaj went on saying.

Reconstruction Minister Ahmetaj also informed that distribution process of the government compensation grants was launched a day ago for the affected families whose houses have sustained damages equal to DS4 level in Kavaje, Lezhe, Durres. In the meantime, the infrastructure building has also completed for the two new residential blocs and work to construct apartment buildings will kick off soon to provide housing for the quake-affected families that lost their houses because of the devastating earthquake that hit Albania on Nov 26 last year.