Arber Road project inching closer to completion 

The Arber Road, a lifelong dream of local residents and a long-promised project over decades, is now inching closer to completion. Prime Minister Edi Rama today stopped over in the Vasha Bridge, part of the two-lane highway being built in line with highest European standards, to inspect progress of construction work. With construction of the Vasha Bridge complete and with the help of Murriz bypass all segments of Arber Road will be connected with each other.

“People have been waiting for 100 years for the road to be constructed,” PM Rama said as he walked along the 152-meter high bridge, one of the highest in the region.

“It is an amazing landscape. Two new roads, namely the Arber Road and the Vlora River road, will be traversing across two different breathtaking landscapes,” PM Rama said.

The Arber Road is one of the most important projects as part of modernization of Albania’s road infrastructure. The project will shorten the distance and the travelling time between Tirana and the north-eastern region of Diber, will ease transport and provide access for locally grown produce to a larger market.