Hasan Vogli and Qazim Turdiu schools built back better, stronger and larger 

Schoolchildren and teachers whose schools sustained severe structural damages due to the devastating earthquake that hit the country on November 26, 2019, are gradually returning to fantastic education facilities that meet same contemporary standards for habitability and environmental comfort and education standards like any school in the European Union member states.

The post-earthquake reconstruction of the damaged schools in Tirana continues everyday in Tirana Municipality. Today, the Prime Minister Edi Rama, accompanied by the Tirana Mayor Erjon Veliaj and the Minister of State for Reconstruction, inspected the ongoing work to construct Hasan Vogli and Qazim Turdiu schools.

The new Hasan Vogli school building is designed to have tripled capacity upon its complete. The new school is being built on a 1700 square meters area and it will house 25 classrooms, labs, a library and a gym.

Another school building is being constructed to be a much larger, more beautiful and safer facility. This is Qazim Turdiu school, which is set to welcome back more than 1000 students and designed to meet highest European education standards. “It is a L-shaped school building that opens to a large yard. Around 30 percent of the construction work has completed. We plan to complete entire structure by May and complete entire construction process by September. The new school will have increased capacities for around 1000 schoolchildren and the new building meets highest standards. With construction of this new school, we have ultimately addressed the influx of pupils, who attended the schools within the Ring area and the Don Bosko neighbourhood,” Mayor Veliaj said.

The Prime Minister considered these investments in the education infrastructure as “extraordinary transformations,” while Reconstruction Minister Ahmetaj added that more schools have been built under the reconstruction process than have been built over the past 30 years.”