An instructed society, the way to change

Let’s build a society of knowledge, so that things can change on the right direction and not just change.” This was the message that Prime Minister Edi Rama addressed today to students and academic staff of the University of Vlora “Ismail Qemali”, on the 20th anniversary of its foundation.

On this occasion, the “Vlora Forum for International Dialogue” organized the symposium “Europe begins at the doorstep of my home “, addressed also by Ms. Lindita Nikolla, Minister of Education, Ms. Romana Vlahutin, EU ambassador to Tirana, Mr. Massimo Gaiani, Ambassador of Italy, a country that has the EU presidency.

Minister Nikolla noted that today more than ever the path to integration passes through schools and universities. “This is why we are determined for a qualitative education, for a qualitative school, for a qualitative university” – she said.

Ambassador Gaiani said that the topic of this symposium is at the same time challenging and promising. “I would interpret this also as a recommendation for your lives, your professional lives, your everyday lives, according to values that lay at the foundations of Europe” – Ambassador Gaiani said.

While analyzing the topic of this symposium, Ambassador Vlahutin said that it must be read like Europe begins at the doorstep of your home and it end in your home, but this happens in a common space.

For Prime Minister Rama, it was a very special moment to address a group of students during their graduation ceremony, and he encouraged them to pursue their dreams.

The University “Ismail Qemali” counts over 10000 students in all three levels of study.