Modern Paediatric hospital in Durres 

The Paediatric Hospital in Durres, already fully operational and offering modern conditions and state-of-the-art equipment for every child patient who will need health care, as well as for the health personnel. Built in the’60s and after decades of neglect or after undergoing minor or partial reconstruction projects, the Paediatric Hospital underwent a complete reconstruction process, becoming a model regional health centre in Albania. This hospital now includes many new elements. Prime Minister Edi Rama described this transformation “like night and day.” “It is really a big change compared to what it used to be,” PM Rama said.

In addition to the total reconstruction, the capacities of the Paediatric Hospital have increased, while every detail is arranged to best suit to child patients. According to the Minister of Health and Social Protection, Ogerta Manastirliu,  “the new hospital not only has its conditions significantly improved, but it is also one of the best paediatric hospitals in the country. In the meantime, we are investing in many other hospitals, namely the Paediatric Hospital at the University Hospital Centre in Tirana, the Paediatric Hospital in Elbasan, which will provide much better conditions for child patients, as well as better working conditions for doctors and nurses, and spaces dedicated for parents.”

Prime Minister Rama, accompanied by Health Minister Manastirliu, visited every hospital ward. Doctors and health professionals at this hospital praised the contemporary working environment. “From a functional point of view, it is the most beautiful and most accomplished thing. Second, the hospital has been equipped with the most modern equipment of the time and third, in all respects, not only in beauty but functional aspect, equipment, devices, staff, make this hospital complete and very contemporary. “We have been working as doctors for over 40 years and now it is a miracle that we see this building at this stage of development,” one of the doctors said.

The paediatric emergency department is a novelty of this newly-reconstructed hospital building. According to the doctors and nurses who work there, this building and the total reconstruction of the paediatric hospital provides them the opportunity to implement for the first time every formal health guideline. “It is the first time we implement the formal treatment guidelines, with the patients being initially triaged in the main triage room, and then diagnosed and monitored and depending on their condition they are either hospitalized or go back home after recovering,” another doctor said.

Investments in health system will continue not only in this hospital, but also in other hospitals all over the country, whereas the next year’s state budget for the health system is set to be the largest ever allocated over the years. “We will complete construction of the new maternity hospitals in Lezhe and Berat next year. We will also kick off the investment in the paediatric hospital in Elbasan. We will conclude the first part of the paediatric department at the University Hospital Centre in Tirana, and the Internal Diseases Hospital,” Health Minister Manastirliu said, adding that many important projects on the health system will complete soon.