EBRD, Rama: Government, partner to all who do business in Albania

Posted: 24 February 2014

Speech of Prime Minister Rama at Western Balkans Forum organized by EBRD in London: Honorable attendees, In 1914, the Balkans were the place where World War One started.  Today, in 2014, 100 years later, the Balkans was the place where all conflicts...

Lungomare – project of new century Vlora

Posted: 21 February 2014

Speech of Prime Minister Rama at the final stage of International Competition for selection of winning project of “Vlora waterfront promenade” (Lungomare): Hello everyone, Allow me to welcome in the name of all Vlora citizen, present here, the ar...

New culture of territorial development

Posted: 20 February 2014

Speech of Prime Minister Edi Rama at the opening of “Atelier Albania”: Today we crown an intensive effort initiated in August at an international conference with economists and urban planners invited by us because we are convinced that urban plan...

Deep reform in education system

Posted: 19 February 2014

Speech of Prime Minister Edi Rama at a meeting with excellent high school students on reform in education system: While listening to the Minister, I remembered that I have known her as a principal, whereas deputy minister as vice principal and today ...

Public transport, determined to provide security and innovation

Posted: 13 February 2014

Speech of Prime Minister Edi Rama at today’s plenary session: First, I would like to apologize for the absence of some ministers, who have a special reason for not being here, because they are part of a joint program of a team created at Harvard Un...

Bosch Group begins its journey in Albania

Posted: 12 February 2014

Following is the full text of Prime Minister Rama speech at a meeting with School of Technical Education and Management of Bosch Group: I was pleased to receive this invitation because this Group is very special and represents not only important valu...

We restored confidence of citizens in police forces

Posted: 6 February 2014

Following is the full text of the speech of Prime Minister Edi Rama in Parliament:   It is more and more a torment to patiently attend the plenary sessions of this Parliament that generates such a low life that gets worse and worse each week. It...

Our New Model of National Employment Service

Posted: 3 February 2014

Prime Minister Address at the Inauguration of Durres New Employment Office: Actually, not for the sake of modesty but of the truth, the speed at which this new and modern employment office was established, as the embodiment of a new national employme...

Rule of Law and End of Rule of Crime over State

Posted: 30 January 2014

I would have very much wanted the opposition to put us, the Government, in a difficult position, but all this opposition does is to put an embarrassing position not only those of us here, but also every sensible Albanian who is armed with sufficient ...

“Tough love”

Posted: 2 October 2013

Distinguished Mr. Speaker of the Assembly, Distinguished Excellencies Ambassadors, Madame Chair of the Parliamentary Committee of Foreign Policy, Members of the Assembly Ministers, Friends and guests,   If we would have to watch in a movie archi...

For a dynamic and integrated economy

Posted: 19 September 2013

Speech of Prime Minister, Edi Rama, at the Conference “Strengthening Linkages in South East Europe: Policy Anchors and Business Perspectives”: Honoured Ladies and Gentlemen, It is a great pleasure to address this audience with a few remarks relat...

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